Collect Customer Reviews Easily

Your customers can leave a review with a click of a button. It takes seconds.

Smart Email Review Requests

Increase the number of reviews you have with smart email review requests.

  • Send email requests automatically or manually
  • Mobile-first design for a seamless screen adaptation
  • Customise the wording and colours to suit your brand
  • Attach your logo for immediate brand recognition
  • Let your customers upload photos with their review

Automated Review Collection

Automatically send review requests to customers after they make a purchase through your website.

It's as simple as this:

  1. Add a snippet of code to your site
  2. Set the time delay between a purchase and the review request email
  3. The customers automatically receive a request to review
  4. Their reviews automatically display on your site

This is great for E-commerce and other businesses that have online transactions.

Manual Review Collection

Send manual review requests to your off line customers.

They can be sent as a:

  1. Single request - to one customer
  2. Bulk request - to multiple customers at once

The rest works the same, customer leaves a review and review is automatically displayed on your website.

This is great for all service-based businesses and anyone who doesn't have online transactions.

Send Review Reminders

Automatically send review reminders to your customers, reminding them to leave a review.

  1. Send up to 3 reminders for every review request
  2. Set the number of days between original request and each subsequent reminder
  3. Review reminders will be automatically sent as per your time delay settings

Review reminders work the same for Automatic, Manual or Bulk review requests. They will be automatically sent at the predetermined time intervals.