Add genuine customer reviews to your website. Automatically.

Impress shoppers and build trust and credibility by adding customer reviews to your website.

Showcase your Google, Facebook and Kundello custom reviews all in one place.

All reviews, together.

Showcase Kundello, Google and Facebook reviews in one place. Simply connect your Google and Facebook accounts, and Kundello will automatically sync in all your reviews.

Google Rich Snippets

Most customers start looking for a product or service on Google.

Stars in Google search results will help you:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Increase click-through rate
  • Increase rankings because of a better click-through rate (search engines take click-through rate as a ranking signal)
  • Separate you from your competitors by making you look more attractive

Testimonials Page

Create a custom Testimonials Page for your website with this great looking widget.

  • Customize and add anywhere on your site
  • Showcase Kundello, Google and Facebook reviews in one place
  • New reviews are synced Automatically (hourly)

Pop Up Window

Pop up window is a great tool to help you showcase your reviews.

It works in conjunction with Floating Tab, Square Badge and Round Badge Widgets.

It doesn't require separate installation, and it automatically shows up on the screen when a visitor clicks on any of these three widgets above.

You can also easily customise the text and colours, so it matches your website.

Smart Bar

Smart Bar is another customizable widget that is excellent for smaller spaces, header bars, or next to the product offering.

Full Smart Bar shows the rating as a word, the number of stars, average rating in numbers, and the number of reviews you have. However, the final look is purely your choice. You can design this widget to suit your site with a click of a button.

Square & Round Badge

Square and Round Badge are fantastic tools for smaller spaces. They are available in three different sizes: small, medium and large, and can be colour customised to match your site (including the colour of the stars).

What's the difference between them?

  • Square Badge will show the average rating in both numbers and stars, and a total number of reviews you have.
  • Round Badge will show an average star rating and the total number of reviews you have.

When your website visitor clicks on either a Square or Round Badge, pop up window will open up showcasing your reviews.

Floating Tab

Floating Tab sits discreetly at either side of the screen prompting your visitors to click on it. Once clicked on, Pop Up Window will open up showcasing your reviews.

This widget can also be colour customised to match your website. 


Carousel is a rotating feed of your customer reviews. It's a great tool to use to showcase a selection of your best reviews to site visitors.

  • Carousels are fully responsive; they will adapt to the reader's screen for the best user experience.
  • They are fully customisable: including colour, text and border type.
  • You can choose which reviews are shown in them; select reviews manually or automatically display the latest ones.
  • Choose from three review Carousels: Photo, Horizontal and Vertical - you can use one, or all three of them.

Customer Photos in Reviews

Showcase customer photos throughout your site, to increase trust and create an immediate connection.

Photos can be showcased in two forms:

  • Within the review itself
  • In Photo Carousel (if the visitor clicks on the photo, pop up will open up showcasing the full review).

With our easy photo moderation, you can publish or unpublish photos with a click of a button - at any time.


Coupons are a great way to thank your customers for leaving you a review, and also to promote repeat business.

Once created, coupons will be automatically sent to every customer who leaves you a review - inside the "thank you for a review" email.

Coupons will help you:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Boost customer word of mouth
  • Boost customer advocacy
  • Increase repeat business

Your Own Profile Page

You will also get a free profile page on Kundello website.

Your profile page is designed to show all your reviews, short bio, and information like industry type and location.

Some of the profile page benefits are:

  • Increased Online Visibility, both Local and National
  • Strengthening of Your Business Reputation
  • Boosting Your SEO
  • Showing up in Google Results
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Word of Mouth