Product Reviews

Automatically collect product reviews and display them on your product pages.

No credit card required


Increase sales with product reviews

Product Reviews help your customers' click BUY NOW. They are an essential source of social proof as they show your future customers what your past customers think of the product you sell.


Automate the process via RESTful API

Automatically send product review invites to your customers after they purchase on your site.

Just connect your site with Kundello, set the time delay between the purchase and review invite sending, and let Kundello do the rest.


Send smart product review invites

Make it easy for your customers to leave a review. Our email invites are mobile-ready, customizable and, best of all, customers will rate your product directly in the email.

  • Add Logo
  • Customize Colours
  • Customize Text


Collect product photos from your customers

Allow customers to upload up to 3 photos with their product review.

You'll have a complete overview of all the product photos you receive, and you'll be able to publish or unpublish any photo, at any time, with a click of a button.


Allow Product Questions & Answers

Allow customers to ask pre-purchase questions about the product they are interested in. Your team can then provide quick, helpful and reliable answers.

  • Reduce buyer hesitation at the purchase stage
  • Help other customers who had the same queries and prevent future inquiries of the same type


Follow up with automatic reminders

Let's face it, people are busy, and they forget to leave a review, or sometimes they'll ignore you. What do you do? You remind them!

Kundello helps you maximize every chance to get a review. You can send automatic review reminders to all customers who didn't leave a review the first time around.


Track product review invites

Don't be left in the dark! With Kundello you can track every review invite you send, including review reminders.


Easily manage reviews

You'll have a complete overview of all your product reviews, and customers photos, in one central place.