Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Automatically measure customer happiness with NPS surveys.


Easily get customers to give you NPS feedback after every purchase

Don't leave things to chance. Ask your customers after every purchase how their experience was and whether they would recommend you to their friends and colleagues. Track this metric over time and use the feedback to grow your business further.


Customize your NPS surveys

Send professional-looking NPS surveys to your customers.

  • Add your logo
  • Customize email text
  • Customize email colours


Send NPS surveys automatically, or manually

Put NPS surveys on autopilot.

  • Set time delay and send NPS surveys automatically to every customer after they purchase on your website.
  • Or send NPS surveys manually - at a push of a button, to a specific customer or group of customers.


Send timely NPS survey reminders

Customers may forget to leave feedback, but you can automatically send survey reminders to them.

  • Reminders are optional
  • You can send 1 or 2 reminders per customer


Track and manage all NPS surveys

Having visibility on your surveys is priceless.

  • See who opened the survey
  • See who received the reminder
  • See who ignored you
  • See who left feedback

Manage your surveys:

  • Stop or Pause a survey from being sent
  • Block all surveys from being sent to a specific customer
  • Delete surveys completely