All-in-one solution for customer reviews

Everything your team needs to collect customer reviews on autopilot and showcase them on your website. Easy to set up and simple to use.

No Credit Card Required.

Business Reviews

If visitors don't trust your business, why would they buy from you?
Kundello helps you automatically collect and add verified business reviews to your website, so you can build trust, increase conversions, and your bottom line.


Product Reviews

Showcasing Kundello product reviews on your website will give your customers the confidence to click on "Buy Now." It's the best and quickest way to increase your product sales.


On-site marketing widgets

Kundello widgets will add social proof to your site instantly. For maximum benefit, your verified Kundello, Google, and Facebook reviews will be displayed on your website in one place. Widgets can also be customized to suit your site and make a great first impression.


Automate the process - via API

Connect to Kundello via API to fully automate the process of asking for reviews and adding them to your website or product pages. You'll increase the number of reviews you have in a more predictable and scalable way, without spending more time and money doing it.

Connect your Google and Facebook account

Connect your Google and Facebook account with Kundello and your Google and Facebook reviews will be automatically imported to your website.

You can also reply to Google reviews, and share reviews to your Facebook page, directly from your Kundello account.


Photos in Reviews

Customers can add up to 3 photos to their Kundello review. Review photos will help you:

  • Increase buyer confidence
  • Create a personal connection
  • Decrease buyer hesitation


Google stars in search results

With Kundello, you can get Star Ratings in Google search results. According to sources, having a star rating in Google search results can mean up to 35% more customers click through to your site.

Source: CXL

Manage customer reviews easily

Kundello helps you have a complete overview of all your reviews and customer photos from one central place. Reply to customer reviews, or publish and unpublish customer photos, at a push of a button.


All the features you need

Company & Product Reviews

Easily get more Company and Product Reviews to build your social proof.

Google & Facebook Integration

Connect your Google and Facebook accounts to automatically import and share reviews with your followers.

Works on any website

Just add a couple of snippets of code to your HTML (WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Straight HTML)


Easily customise the appearance of reviews on your site with our WYSIWYG widget customization.

Smart review invites

Send review invites automatically, or manually with just a click of a button.

Automatic review reminders

Even happy customers will put it off. But with automatic reminders, at least they won’t forget.

Photos in reviews

Your customers can upload photos of your product or service with their review, to better tell the story.

Respond to reviews

Show you’re dedicated to customer service by replying to all your reviews. It’s easy!

Analytics dashboard

Measure your performance with an easy-to-understand, visual dashboard with smart analytics.