All-in-one solution for customer reviews.

Everything your team needs to collect customer reviews on autopilot and showcase them on your website. Easy to set up and simple to use.

No Credit Card Required.

Acquire reviews that matter to your business

  • Verified Reviews with Photos*

    Send automatic email review invitations to anyone who buys from your website. If you don't sell online, you can send email review invitations manually, in seconds. *Photos are optional; your customers can add up to 3 photos per review.

  • Google Reviews

    Invite your customers to leave you a Google Review. This will help you become the obvious choice when people are looking for goods or services online or in their local area.

  • Facebook Reviews

    People use Facebook recommendations to ask their communities where to go, where to eat, or where to shop. We can help you get more Facebook Reviews (now recommendations) easily.

  • Local and industry specific reviews

    Get reviews on review websites that are specific to your industry. At the same time, you will have the ability to collect Custom, Google or Facebook reviews as well. We keep your options open.

Acquire reviews that matter to your business

Showcase reviews on your site

  • All reviews in one place

    Showcase Kundello, Google and Facebook reviews in one place.

  • Testimonials Page

    Customize and add a Testimonials Page to your site.

  • Floating Tab Widget

    Sits on either side of the screen.

  • Square and Round Badge

    Great to showcase reviews across the whole site.

  • Pop Up Window

    Shows up when a visitor clicks on the widget.

  • Carousels

    Showcase reviews and customers photos with three different carousel types.

Showcase reviews on your site

Integrate Google and Facebook

Connect your Google and Facebook accounts and migrate all your Google and Facebook reviews into Kundello (so all your reviews are shown in one place).

Get Google Stars in search results

Increase traffic with star ratings in Google. Having a star rating in Google’s search results can mean up to 35% more customers click through to your site!

Source: CXL

All the features you need

Collect Google, Facebook and Custom Reviews

Easily get more Google, Facebook and custom reviews, to build your social proof.

Google & Facebook Integration

Connect your Google and Facebook accounts to automatically import and share reviews with your followers.

Works on any website

Just add a couple of snippets of code to your HTML (WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Straight HTML)

Smart review invites

Send review invites automatically, or manually with just a click of a button.

Automatic review reminders

Even happy customers will put it off. But with automatic reminders, at least they won’t forget.

Photos in reviews

Your customers can upload photos of your product or service with their review, to better tell the story.

Respond to reviews

Show you’re dedicated to customer service by replying to all your reviews. It’s easy!


Easily customise the appearance of reviews on your site with our WYSIWYG widget customization.

Analytics dashboard

Measure your performance with an easy-to-understand, visual dashboard with smart analytics.