Grow your business with customer reviews.

Add social proof to your website today. Kundello helps you collect, promote and manage customer reviews the easy way.

No credit card required

Kundello makes it easy

It takes seconds to send a review request to your customer:

  • You can send Automatic review request to anyone who buys directly from your site
  • You can send Manual review request to a single customer
  • You can send Bulk review request to a group of customers at once.

For your customers, it's quick and easy too! They open your email, click on a star rating, and type a comment. It's frictionless.

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Use Widgets to promote reviews on your website

Customer reviews are the most authentic advertisement you can have. They'll help you:

  • Increase buyer confidence
  • Create a personal connection
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Decrease buyer hesitation

All widgets are mobile ready and fully customizable using our simple WYSIWYG editor. You can easily tailor their look and feel to suit your website.

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Manage Customer Reviews Easily

Monitor and analyze your review performance in real time with central Smart Analytics dashboard.

  • Manage your received reviews in one place
  • Respond to reviews and comments
  • Track your review requests in real-time
  • Moderate customer photos in one place
  • Understand how your chosen widgets are performing
  • and more...

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Get Google Stars in Search Results (with rich snippets)

Increase traffic with star ratings in Google. Having a star rating in Google’s search results can mean up to 35% more customers click through to your site!

Source: CXL

Get Dedicated Profile Page too

Get another referral source!

To help spread the good word about your business, we give you a free profile page on our website, fully optimized for SEO and complete with all your reviews.

All the features you need

Works on any website

Just add a couple of snippets of code to your HTML (WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Straight HTML)

Smart review requests

Send review requests automatically (e-commerce sites) or with just a click (other businesses).

Photos in reviews

Encourage your customers to upload photos of your product or service to better tell the story.

Respond to reviews

Show you’re dedicated to customer service by replying to all your reviews. It’s easy!

Automatic review reminders

Even happy customers will put it off. But with automatic reminders, at least they won’t forget.

Facebook & Twitter integration (coming soon)

Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to automatically share reviews with your followers.