Automate & Scale Customer Feedback

Kundello helps eCommerce stores automate reviews & customer feedback to increase social proof, grow sales and understand customers better.

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Automate the process via RESTful API

Connect your website and Kundello via RESTful API to fully automate customer feedback. Automation will help you:

  • Increase the number of reviews you have
  • Increase the volume of customer feedback
  • Spend less time and money doing it
  • Make it more predictable and scalable


Business Reviews

Automatically grow Google, Facebook, and Kundello 1st-party reviews. Having lots of new and positive reviews will help you build a stronger brand and grow your business.

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Product Reviews

Automatically collect product reviews from your customers, and add them to the product pages. Product reviews will give your customers the confidence to click on "Buy Now."

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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Knowing how your customers feel about your business is priceless. Use Kundello to automatically send NPS surveys to your customers and quickly learn if they will recommend your business to their friends and family.

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After Purchase Survey (APS)

Deploy After Purchase Survey (APS) immediately after the customer completes a purchase on your website. You will get the freshest feedback about your ordering process, and you'll quickly learn what they found good or bad about it.

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Google and Facebook

  • Connect your Google My Business account with Kundello to automatically import Google reviews to your website and reply to Google reviews directly from the Kundello dashboard
  • Connect your Facebook account with Kundello to automatically import Facebook recommendations to your website, and also to share the best reviews to your Facebook page (automatically or manually)


Display reviews on your website instantly

  • Add social proof to your site instantly
  • Showcase Google, Facebook and Kundello reviews in one place
  • Build trust and make a great first impression
  • Customize widgets to suit your website

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Kundello is an essential tool for us. It helps us automatically collect customer feedback after the customer makes a purchase on our website. It's an absolute must-have tool for any Ecommerce business that cares about growth and customer experience.

Attila Vermes
Attila Vermes
CEO, Giant Invitations