About Kundello

At Kundello, we are all about helping your team automate the collection of customer feedback.


Kundello platform is powerful, modern, fully customizable, and easy to use. It is designed to help your team collect, promote, and manage genuine customer reviews, both online and on your website.


Our mission is to help you grow your business and achieve better results through the power of customer reviews.

Kundello (kund/ello) name

Kundello is a fusion of two words: Kund or Kunde, which is Swedish, Danish, German, and Norwegian word for "Customer" and "Ello," which is short for "Hello.

Nick Nikolic, Kundello founder, created the name and the inspiration came from the belief that when you send an unexpected email to your customer, asking them to review your business, in a way you are saying "hello" to them. And that's how Kundello, our version of "Hello Customer," was born.

We like it, hope you will too.